Combining touch sensor with Music and Sound Pack

I completed the necessary soldering for the Music and Sound Pack that was already mostly finished. I then put in the right code into the Arduino but the sound pack wouldn’t work. I then proceeded to try several different things including testing/formatting the SD card, changing the Arduino, changing the speakers, re-soldering parts and de-soldering parts, and changing the files put into the SD card but it still wouldn’t work. At the moment I am considering another option so that I can incorporate a touch sensor component but I have to find another output besides sound which will most likely be muscle wire. I am really hoping that I will be able to somehow get the sound pack to work properly—this has been the saddest part of my project 😦 😦 😦

I still have to find a way to cover up wires, soldering, and copper tape on the mirror, change the code for the Human Sensor so that the lights stay on longer, and figure out a way to incorporate a touch sensor!!


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