Music and Sound Pack or Muscle Wire?

I struggled with muscle wire but I was very proud of my results in the end. In order to activate the muscle wire through touch I took several steps. First I just made sure that my muscle wire was working with my Squarewear. I had already messed around with making a drawing into a touch sensor by following this website: but instead of Arduino I tried to use Squarewear and that worked fine. I just had to change some of the “int” in the code to “#define” for it to work with Squarewear. Combining the touch sensor code with the muscle wire code,however, was quite difficult. I tried working on it on my own and also using Shani’s help in TA hours. We got the code to work except for the minor glitch that after activating it once with touch you would have to turn the Squarewear off and back on to activate it again which completely defeats the purpose. With Audrey’s help with code I was eventually able to get it working the way I wanted. I also decided to incorporate the touch part by painting a hand print onto the mirror out of conductive paint which I was very proud of because I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate touch onto the mirror!


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